In the Netherlands, we will have the chance to meet each other for an online coffee (12 pm - 1 am), facilitated by Marion Hoeffgen. As part of our weekly Online Coaching moments, facilitated by and for members of the VOPN

Belgium - in english and dutch: 

  1. SFWorldDay Belgium -  Sunday, May 3rd  2020  Follow the stories on FB 3 questions on 3 May
  2. Open-zoom-hour for Open-stable-day
  3. A gift for all of you from Myriam

                                     *  * *

1. Follow the stories on FB 3 questions on 3 May
As you know by now, you can expect a lot of stories and surprises coming!

2. Open-zoom-hour for Open-stable-day

For all those who want to join a heart-warming hour on Sunday May 3rd, SFWorld Day:
An open zoom session with solution focused horse assisted coaches to empower you!
In English at 12h00 and 15h00
In Dutch at 10h30 and 13h30

Pour ceux qui cherchent encore une activité chaleureuse pour ce dimanche 3 mai, SFWorldday: nous vous proposons une petite heure via Zoom pour suivre une session coaching par le cheval avec nos thérapeutes/coaches orientés solution. Nos coaches SF et leurs chevaux vous mettront tout de suite sur la piste de vos ressources!
En néerlandais à 10h30 et 13h30
En anglais à 12h et 15h

Voor wie nog een hartverwarmend uurtje zoekt in te vullen nu zondag, 3 mei, SFWorldday:
Een Open-zoom-uurtje met de oplossingsgerichte paardencoachen brengt je zó weer in je kracht.
In het Nederlands om 10.30 en 13.30
In het Engels om 12 en 15 uur


With the constructive cooperation of:
Avec l’agréable cooperation de:
Met de fijne medewerking van:
Wendy Van den Bulck (
Evelien Vanluchene (
Katy Bartels (
Veerle Van Hecke (
Caroline Brackenier (
Marijke Yserbijt (



Huge thanks to the VVDO for putting SOLUTION FOCUSED COACHING & THERAPY WITH HORSES in the spotlight on #SFWorldDay on May 3rd!  Working with horses in solution focused sessions has great added value because it brings in experiential elements. Interaction with the powerful creature ‘horse’, invites you to (re)discover your resources w.r.t. resilience, leadership, clarity, assertiveness, vulnerability, having balanced relationships, setting boundaries and much more.


On May 3rd, we organize a zoom session to introduce you to this powerful way of coaching and therapy. Based on solid experience of SF and a thorough knowledge of (working with) horses, we offer you a glimpse into what we do and what difference it can make, certainly now. We will give you background info and action: online working with horses ! 


An introduction to and the book Myriam is giving the world about the Bruges Model,  including the book itself (34 p.) Download the Introduction and the Booklet here

Looking forward to seeing you on May 3rd! 

Sweeden - in swedish: 

Södra Dalarnas Samordningsförbund och Svenska Föreningen för Lösningsfokuserad Korttidsterapi (SFLK) [1] samt ett nytt svenskt lösningsfokuserat kooperativ bjuder in till en LF världsdagsaktivitet via Zoom kl. 18.00-19.30 den 3 maj 2020.

Lösenord: 454741

Denmark - in danish: 

SF World Day Brunch at 10:30 am - 12 am, bring your coffee and croissant, and meet other danish practitioners to a talk about, how the field of SF is doing in Denmark, - what are our best hopes for a danish network. Alternative presentation of books and film. Host Anne-Marie Wulf, registration

Finland - in finnish: 

Peter Sundmann sent link to their event:  It’s in Finnish, so virtually impossible for others to participate  – It’s an open webinar to create ideas what a new normal everyday life could be like. I will together with Marika Tammeaid start it and then small groups will head off until we collect the ideas.

United Kingdom:

Following last years first SF World Day Fika, we are holding a second event, hosted again by Annie Bordeleau and John Brooker. This will be a two-hour event from 0900 UK / 1000 CET and evening in Australasia. Drop in to us at any time, meet new people and old friends and have a conversation, some activities and probably music. It's free, fun and Fika... and open to all SF practitioners.
Click on the link below to let us know you are coming and to receive a reminder.

                                          * * *

Can you add my offer to the website please. 14:00 to 16:30 GMT . An opportunity to connect, share and notice from a SF perspective. Best wishes John Wheeler

                                       * * *

Join Naomi Whitehead on Monday 4th May to celebrate SF World Day by exchanging insights about those exceptional moments you've had when "playing" (doing what you love outside of work) that have inspired powerful projects or developments at work.

Topic: How does your "play" connect to good work days?

Time: May 4, 2020 18:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 4104 7113

Password: 095598


ОРКТ-флешмоб! Друзья, близится Международный День Ориентированного на решение подхода. Именно 3-го мая авторитетный журнал Family Process принял статью Стива де Шейзера «Смерть сопротивления» (с 17-ой попытки!)
Команда «Представь себе» предлагает всем, кто работает в ОРКТ и любит этот подход, найти друг друга и узнать кто есть кто. Для этого нужно:
1️⃣ До 3-го мая 2020 разместить у себя на страничке в фейсбуке пост с тегом #sfday
2️⃣ Пост содержит ответы на вопросы: 1) кто я; 2) из какого я города; 3) что мне нравится в ОРКТ ❤️
3️⃣ В посте можно разместить прикольную фотку или видеообращение от вас или вашей команды к коллегам 
3-го мая до 18:00 мы подведем итоги и составим карту русскоязычной практики ОРКТ 

Внимание! Мы сможем найти вас только если в вашем посте будет тег #sfday


We have decided to publish small parts of some interviews that we made during the last EBTA Conference. In them, our interviewees illustrated their views on the SF approach.The title of this video series is "AS IF YOU WERE WONDERING". I believe we will be able to publish everything on May 4th. We'll work on to share them on this website.


Sonia and the Florentine team



SFWorldDayInternationaler Tag des lösungsfokussierten Ansatzes /LOA

Deutschsprachiger mini open space (barcamp):

Sonntag, 13:00 – 15:00 Uhr:, organisiert von Daniel Köchli

                                      * * *

On the occasion of the second SFWorld Day on Sunday May 3, 2020 the Swiss Association of Solution Focused Work recommends the activities of its members to which you are kindly invited. Please feel free to attend one of the following activities - in German: A mini bar camp, a "solution trail" and an opportunity to participate in the Barometer survey of happiness and confidence. More information you'll find here:

Poland - in polish: 

We are the World! Make it SF!

SF DAY w Polsce

Historia pokazuje nam, że ludzie mogą wiele. Możemy przetrwać lub przeżyć, ale możemy skorzystać, a nawet rozkwitnąć - ponieważ jesteśmy w stanie uczyć się na przyszłość, nawet w najbardziej niszczycielskich okolicznościach.

Nawet teraz, w okolicznościach COVID, możemy zastanowić się nad naszą osobistą wolnością i odpornością, bez względu na to, jaka jest obecnie nasza sytuacja. Możemy pomyśleć o lekcjach, które wyciągniemy z tej pandemii, i jak wykorzystać je dla lepszej przyszłości dla naszych klientów i nas samych.

Bądźmy SF!

Spotkajmy się więc, aby porozmawiać na temat „Pandemia czy szansa?”.

Chcielibyśmy zaprosić osoby, które mogą być zainteresowane, aby dołączyły do ​​nas 3 maja w godzinach od 10.30 do 12.00 GMT + 2 (czasu warszawskiego).

Moderatorzy: Mariola i Jacek Lelonkiewicz, superwizorzy i psychoterapeuci SFBT, Centrum Terapii Krótkoterminowej, Łódź.


Zobaczmy, dokąd zaprowadzi nas ten temat 😉.

Będzie to wydarzenie polskojęzyczne. Chcielibyśmy zaprosić Cię na platformę ZOOM -


Time: May 3, 2020 10:30 AM Warsaw

Meeting ID: 839 0959 4922

Password: 850907

Find your local number:


How do you describe your SF community with three words? The Austrian Solution Circle celebrates the SF World day with a video addressing this question with many voices from solution-focused practitioners from Austria and beyond. The video will be published on the website of the Austrian Solution Circle (www.austriansolutioncircle), the ASC-Youtube channel ( and shared on Social Media.

Spain, Tenerife Island - in spanish: 

Our team want to participe in SF World Day. 

At 12.00 p.m, Canary Islands and London hour, we will development a online event, in spanish language. We have designed this event for to celebrate SF world day. 

"Practice solutions focus in times of COVID 19: Open dialogue, reflections from the community". 

This event will be via zoom an facebook live

In Zoom:

ID de reunión: 858 936 2385
Contraseña: 9SrBt2


Regards, from Tenerife Island. 

Toni Medina 

Download the flyer here

France - in french:

Nadine Lyamouri and Barbara Pelkman will do be asking the three questions on our Facebook page in French and stimulate our Network on these for the whole day in an interactive way.

At the beginning of the confinement we also posted several videos in French and English on our website, on facebook and on LinkedIn to help people to resource. We will refer to these videos as resources as well.


The facebook page is


New Zealand: 

Emma Burns are offering "Free Counselling Day from

kl. 14.00-18.00 UTC+12. Free 30 minute counselling sessions via Zoom. These can be for people who are struggling or for family or friends who want some tools to support them.Timeslots are:

2.00pm - 2.30pm
2.45pm - 3.15pm
3.30pm - 4.00pm
4.15pm - 4.45pm
5.00pm - 5.30pm

To register please message the page. If you have a preferred time slot please indicate that in your message. 😊 Further informations at

Across nations

Katrin Berger (Germany) & Tara Gretton (UK):


First Meeting is on 30th of April, getting started with a first network group

On Sunday SF World Day Katrin and Tara would like to invite you to Join us  for the launch of our Solution Focus in Schools European Network! 

Solution Focus In Schools - Network Online Gathering To Share Good Practice / 3th of May, 10pm London Time/11pm CET

It is the beginning of a network of the european region for schoolworkers and others, working in or with schools with the Solution Focused Approach. The online gathering on the 3th of May will be for sharing experiences of good practice with SF in schools and to highlight the start of the new network platform on Facebook "Solution-Focus In Schools" where all groupmembers are invited to post their good practice and to get in contact.



Jonas Wells (S) and Guy Shennan (UK): 

Rockin’ the Eve of SF World Day with Jonas and Guy


This is an invitation to a unique virtual event…

Let’s start by imagining you are in a bar the night before a major SF event and you ran into (or planned to meet) some old and new friends of the SF community… There would be:


  • No guarantee that there will be any SF talk (but there might be)
  • Music (or other sounds), most possibly shared (via your computer sound)
  • Alcoholic beverages if you chose to partake (this bar being a “bring-your-own” type of establishment)


It would begin at 21.00 (Central European Time, that’s 20.00 British time), this Saturday, but you can drop in anytime (as long as the host hasn’t already gone to bed). Breakout rooms are a possibility.  All you had to do to join was to click this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 988 8509 5360

Password: 101540


Bring a friend!


South America

Peru - in spanish:

Two proposals with the community focused on solutions around the world:

Saturday, May 02 (18:00 - Peru)

Dialogues with the community focused on solutions (between our graduated students and those who are still training). Download the flyer and see more on facebook.

Sunday May 3 (8:00 - 22:00 / Peru)

Solidarity Conversations (sessions in real time with people in educational, organizational or daily / clinical contexts) that will be developed by 38 professionals focused on solutions from the Latino Center for all who need this kind of conversation, will be free. Download the flyer and find the event on facebook. 

Hans Pier Jara Iglesias

Principal Academic

Centro Latino

Chile & Bolivia - in spanish:

On the occasion of the second SFWorld Day, we will have an event on Sunday, May 3 at 9:00 p.m. in Chile and Bolivia, 8:00 p.m. in Mexico and Peru.

It will be a round table discussion, with one representative per locality to share what happens with the COVID-19 in the locality where each one is and how the solution-focused view has collaborated and/or what ideas we have generated from this experience. Then we will
have 20 minutes to share with each other, and at the same time, we receive questions from the audience that listens to us and sees us on Facebook live.

                               Go get the flyer

The participants are: Dra. Karina Mejia Family and Couples Therapist
and Ps. Jesús Mendoza León Therapist at the Celaya Brief Therapy
Center in Mexico; Ps. Marcos Pérez Lamadrid and Mg. Marcelo Pacheco
from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in Bolivia; Mg. César Vásquez
Academic Director of IFAMI, Ps.Hans Pier Iglesias General Director of
Centro Latino and Ps. Jorge Ayala in Peru. From Chile, Ps. Mg. María
Amelia Barrera Director of Centro Sol Institute, PhD. Karla González
Suitt Escuela de Trabajo Social UC, Ps. Sofía Carrasco and Ps.
Alejandra Hernández in Santiago, Ps. Mg. Andrea Sandoval in Temuco and
Ps. Mg. Enrique Puebla in Punta Arenas.

We will establish a live transmission connection through Zoom and  Facebook-live on the Centro Sol Page Facebook:

Únetenos este domingo por Facebook Live

En ocasión del día internacional Centrado en Soluciones, realizaremos un evento el día domingo 3 de mayo a las 21 horas de Chile y Bolivia, 20 horas de México y Perú. Será una reunión de mesa redonda, con un representante por localidad para compartir lo que ocurre con el covid-19 en la localidad en la que cada uno se encuentra y cómo la mirada centrada en soluciones ha colaborado y/o qué ideas hemos
generado a partir de esta experiencia. Luego tendremos 20 minutos para compartir entre nosotros, y al mismo tiempo recibimos las preguntas de la audiencia que nos escucha y nos ve por Facebook live.

Estableceremos una conexión de transmisión en vivo a través de Zoom y
Facebook-live en la página de Centro Sol en Facebook:

Where to join an online event 



Here’s the SF World Day plan that we have suggested for Singapore and this region. Go to the FB event here


3rd May 7pm - 9pm (SGD Time) on Zoom:


7-715pm: check-in / intro


715 - 8pm: dinner / drinks / speed facilitation

Everyone will come to this session with your own drink / wine / beer / snack / dinner prepared in front of you for the session. You will prepare your own food and drinks. If it's too troublesome for you, just minimally a glass of juice or wine so that we can have a "virtual toast" together like last year! During this segment, I will prepare some questions to just facilitate some interaction and sharing in different breakout rooms which will be changed a few times so as to ensure maximum interactions.


8 - 830: breakout group sharing with the theme of "SF at its best"! We welcome anyone to come prepared to the session to share with the group how it was like for you this past year when SF was at its best. You are strongly encouraged to use various means and mediums of communicating this like food, wine, music, dance, art, movement, poem etc.


830 - 9: big group facilitation with the theme of "SF in Singapore/Asia at its best"!  We will come back together as a big group and use the "whiteboard" function in zoom to co-create a picture of "SF in Singapore/Asia at its best" and how it looks like for us as a community!


*to further enhance our celebrations and connect up with the larger SF community, I will be broadcasting our zoom session live on SF World Day facebook page.

China, Hangzhou  - in chinese:

How are you going? This is a greeting from China. I'm Helen (Lei Yue), living in Hangzhou - a city in the East of China.

To celebbrate the SF World Day, we will hold an event online for SFers all over the country at 16:00-17:30 (GMT+8) in the afternoon on May the 3rd.

It will be a online concert on "Miracle & Music". 

Participants will play a piece of music or sing a song as their answer to this question:

"Suppose miracle happen and you were to sing a song, what song would you sing that would tell you the miracle is happening?"

This is a beautiful question I heard from Mark Mitchell and it inspired me to organize this online party to celebrate this special day. 

Online Concert "Miracle & Music"

Time: 2020/5/3  16:00-17:30pm (GMT+8) China

Link to the event:

Meeting ID: 731 944 679
Password: 666666

Please bring your musical instrument or CD or your voice :

You'll fint the poster in Chinese here

China, Ranteam - in chinese: 

Ranteam plan to launch a SF world day event on May 3rd. Professor Zhao Ran and the team will give a webcasts through  ZOOM with all team members and other SF learners and practitioners in China. Also we will launch an online SF STORY BOTTLE, that people who get the online bottle, will tell their story with SF and pass on the bottle. Attached below please find the poster in Chinese by Amanda Sun.

You'll find the poster in chinese here


This is an invitation to join the 4th online gathering for everyone who would like to stay positive and make a productive tomorrow.

03/05/2020; 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM (IST)

It is an informal online gathering rather than a talk or training. In the group meeting, the facilitator will help you to answer a few questions about yourself, that may help you to create the future you desire and work towards a productive tomorrow.

Medium: Malayalam
Facilitator: Jaseem Koorankot, PhD, Asst. Professor of Clinical Psychology, IMHANS, Calicut.

For more details, visit

North America

Mexico - in spanish:

Jesús and Brenda from Guanajuato Mexico are founders of the Celaya Brief Therapy Center and have been doing solution-focused therapy for years, as well as teaching for colleagues who are interested in the approach.

Download the flyer here

We have designed a series of free events to celebrate SF world day, we would like to be able to share it on the page you created, it would be very gratifying for us to be part of this great community and continue spreading the approach. Thank you

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